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How to Apply Iron-On Labels to Clothing and Face Masks

Ariel Luy


Mar 17, 21

Want to be even safer when it comes to COVID-19 and other potential airborne illnesses? Did you know you can do one simple thing that will make face masks a bit more sanitary? You can label them with Name Bubbles Iron-On Labels. If you do, there’s never any confusion about who’s mask belongs to whom.

Why You Need to Label Cloth Face Masks.
All it takes is one child grabbing the wrong face mask for them to be exposed to the germs of any illness you’re trying to prevent. This becomes more of an issue as children get together more and more and use the same kind of store-bought cloth masks that their friends do.

Another great reason to use the iron-ons is that if you routinely put them on the same spot, the user can tell which way to put on the mask, so it’s right-side-up and not inside-out. This isn’t a huge problem but having a good fit on your mask can be important, and putting it on correctly is the best way to do that.

Using Iron-On Labels on Clothing.
Face masks aren’t the only items that can benefit from a name tag or a contact label. Imagine having your beach and gym towels labeled, your kids’ camp clothing, swimsuits, school and sports uniforms - just about any clothing or fabric item that can get lost or misplaced. One little iron-on label can save you hundreds when you realize your stuff comes back to you – you don’t have to buy it again!

We do make sticker labels, which work wonderfully on clothing care tags, but you don’t always have a tag to work with. For those items, we suggest unlaminated sticker tags that work well on printed labels and brand imprints in tagless garments. But when even that’s not an option, our iron-ons are fantastic. In fact, a lot of people prefer to go directly to the iron-on. It takes a few extra steps, but if you do many items at once, it feels a little like a fun craft project.

How to Use Name Bubbles Iron-On Labels.
Face masks, t-shirts, baseball hats, swimsuits, sports uniforms, socks, camping supplies, and all the rest – these exact iron-on instructions work for all of them.

• Step One: Start with a clean, dry surface.
• Step Two: Peel the label off the sheet.
• Step Three: Heat your clothing iron to the hottest cotton setting.
• Step Four: Position your label onto the clothing, text side up. This is important because some iron-ons are placed on the garment upside down. Not these, the text on these faces up so it’s legible.
• Step Five: Cover the iron-on with parchment paper. We include some parchment paper in your order, just in case you don’t have any. You will be able to use it over and over again.
• Step Six: Firmly press the hot and dry iron onto the parchment paper for 15-20 seconds. Hold the iron in place, don’t move it around as you would if you were ironing.
• Step Seven: Check to see if the iron-on has adhered. Pay particular attention to the edges. If it seems like they’re curling or it’s not affixed tightly, repeat step six.
• Step Eight: Let the iron-on cool. It’s best to let it rest for up to 24 hours before using or washing.
• Step Nine: Move on to your next iron-on item.

Just a few minutes, and you’ve got one iron-on done. The rest go super-fast once you get the hang of it. Pretty soon, your face masks, clothing, and other items are labeled and ready to go.

Thank you again for joining us in another edition of The Weekly Bubble. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any additional questions about Iron-On Labels, or any other labeling inquiry.

We’ll talk to you again next week!

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