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10 Ideas for Random Acts of Kindness Day

Rob Robles


Feb 09, 22

Once Valentine’s Day is in the rearview mirror, you don’t have to stop the feelings of love. Let’s keep those good vibes going! National Random Acts of Kindness Day falls on February 17th, just a few days after Valentine’s Day, which makes it the perfect time to keep the positivity moving forward.

How do you turn this day into something meaningful for you and your kids or those you love the most without creating a lot of extra work and hassle? We’ve got ten random acts of kindness ideas to help you find just the right way to spread the love. 

(Literally) Pay It Forward

It’s become a classic kindness move, pay for the person ahead or behind you in line. It’s also a great reason to go get a little treat like ice cream or coffee and donuts because that’s where you’ll find your opportunity to treat others to a taste of generosity. You’ll make your day brighter, show your little one the importance of kindness, and the person behind you will feel all the love. 

Do a Donation Drive

Let’s face it, you’ve probably got more than a few things in the house that could easily be donated without anyone even missing them. Spend a few hours collecting old toys, clothing, household items, etc. and then donate them to a local charity, thrift shop, or homeless shelter. This is one of our favorite tips because it makes cleaning and sorting through stuff fun and it removes some excess clutter.

Create Little Gift Baskets

Get out the craft supplies and create some simple baskets that you can fill with small candies, a flower, or artwork and deliver them to friends, family, and neighbors. This idea can keep little ones busy for hours as they carefully create baskets to show their favorite people how much they mean to them. Don’t forget to sign it with a sticker using one of our adorable Name Bubbles heart labels. 

Go On a Compliment Excursion

Teach your little ones about giving a sincere compliment and practice the skill a little yourself. Everyone likes hearing a genuine compliment, it can brighten someone’s entire day. Take your children with you to a store, the library, or a park and have them try their hand at giving a meaningful compliment. The best part about this exercise is it not only teaches them how to be kind to others, but it also encourages them to start looking at the positive and finding things that they like about others. 

Leave Notes

Post-it notes around the house offering positive messages are wonderful, but you could take it one step further. Why not create a few notes to leave in public places, a “you look fantastic” note on a public bathroom mirror, a “you are loved” note on a friend’s locker – there are a lot of opportunities to brighten someone’s day with a little note of encouragement.

Snuggle a Four-Legged Friend

Visit your local animal shelter and ask if they need to have any of the dogs walked, the litter boxes cleaned, or if any of their animals could benefit from a little extra attention. Many animals in shelters are desperate for love and affection and you know that you and your little ones would both love to get in on the furry fun.

Shovel, Mow, or Clean

Do you have a neighbor who could use a little help or who would maybe just appreciate it? Because National Random Acts of Kindness Day falls in February, there’s a good chance some people will be dealing with snow – why not shovel your neighbor’s sidewalk for them. If there’s no snow, then ask if they need help mowing, weeding, or doing any odd job that they’ve been putting off or can’t manage on their own.

Pick Up Garbage

Keeping neighborhoods and parks clean is something everybody should do, but too many people are careless. Encouraging your kids to do the right thing and help pick up garbage is a kindness that everyone can enjoy. It can also instill in them the importance of not littering and being responsible for the messes they make.

Send Cards or Find a Pen Pal

Get those labels out again because your little one is going to want credit for this one. Connect with your local nursing home and find out if there’s anyone who could use a friendly card and note or maybe someone would benefit from having a pen pal. Our labels are a great way to “sign” the card and, if you decide to send regular letters, seeing those labels instantly excites the recipient. Remember, artwork from your kids can be just as heartwarming as a letter.

Say Something Positive – About Yourself

One of the most important people to be kind to is yourself. Encourage your children (and yourself) to practice kindness in their own lives to improve their self-esteem and to foster positive feelings. Ask them to come up with 10 things that they like about themselves. Too often, people focus on the negatives or areas where they feel like they don’t measure up. By encouraging your little ones to make a habit of celebrating themselves, they’ll develop a healthy sense of worth and value.

How will you celebrate National Random Acts of Kindness Day? Even if it’s just a small gesture, it can have large implications and that’s really what it’s all about.

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