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Popular 2022 Kid Trends That Every Mother Will Love

JoAnna Schwartz


Dec 13, 21

There are some fun new kid trends on the 2022 horizon that we think are going to be big hits. The best part is they have great appeal to both kids and parents, so you can do them together.


Everywhere you look, there are tie-dyed masterpieces. Not all of these kids are “hippie dipping” their own creations, but there are a significant number adding a DIY touch. Today’s tie-dye kits have improved the process, making it much easier, less messy, and the results tend to be brighter and long-lasting. 

Tie-dye is a trend that just about any parent can get behind and support, mainly because it’s fun for parents to do, too. If you are a regular reader, you know we featured a how to tie-dye blog that will give you step-by-step instructions and some key tips. If you don’t want to read the entire blog, we have one tip that will help your entire tie-dye process, label the clothing before your kiddos start dyeing. This will prevent fights over whose is whose later because they all end up looking pretty similar.

Present Pets

If you didn’t cave in during the pandemic and get the pet your family was begging for, this might be a compromise and one you can support because there’s no messy clean up. Present Pets are basically interactive stuffed animals that do some tricks, bark, snuggle, and play games. They even help unbox themselves, building incredible excitement for your little ones. 

Present pets come with a mystery collar and this is where we step in. We recommend labeling that collar, so your new pet doesn’t get lost or mixed up with someone else’s. Our small stick-on labels work great or you can use a circle label and put it on one of their paws.

TikTok Dances

You might not love the idea of your kids on TikTok or on any technology for that matter, but TikTok dances are a huge trend. The good news is, they’re active and get your kids moving. If they’re going to be on social media and playing with tech, at least this is something that encourages them to exercise, to work on body awareness, and they might even let you in on the fun. 

Tech-Free Time

Speaking of technology, more schools and libraries are creating tech-free spaces to give kids a break. Or more accurately, to give them a place to go when they need a break. 

Luckily, your warnings about spending too much time on their device are sinking in and kids are beginning to understand that all tech, all the time is a bad thing. We’ve even heard that this trend is moving into the home and families are turning the dinner table or even an entire room in the house into a tech-free zone to encourage the whole family to unplug and unwind. Are you ready to practice tech-free time in 2022?

Buddy Benches
Buddy Benches

If this doesn’t warm your heart, we don’t know what will. Buddy benches started popping up at schools a couple years ago and now they’re going beyond the schoolyard and are found in playgrounds and other settings where kids gather. 

The idea behind a buddy bench is that if someone feels alone or lonely, or maybe they’re the new kid in school, they can go sit on the bench and other kids are supposed to take it upon themselves to play with that child. It’s not only a marvelously inclusive technique but it also teaches the children to pay attention to others and be empathetic. 

Fidget Poppers

If you haven’t heard of or seen fidget poppers yet - don’t worry, you will. These little toys are pretty addictive and they’re cropping up everywhere. They’re as universal and popular as the Rubik’s Cube once was (which, by the way, is also trending again). You know how oddly satisfying it is to push the little circles in on the lid of a McDonald’s soda? It’s like that. 

Here’s what makes fidget toys great. If your child has a hard time paying attention, especially when school is a new experience and sitting that long is difficult, a fidget toy can help them concentrate. It’s true! There have been studies that found a rise in academic results when kids were given fidget toys to distract their hands, letting their minds focus. The increase in academic scores was even more pronounced in children with learning disabilities. But there’s more: some of these toys improve dexterity, develop muscles in the hands, and can reduce stress and anxiety. And there’s no age limit, so you can use them, too. 

They’re inexpensive but we still suggest labeling them, so your fidgets are less likely to get lost.

Mom Jeans

This trend will probably leave most Moms laughing a little bit and feeling nostalgic at the same time. But “Mom jeans” are back, although we just called them jeans back in the day. Girls of all ages are leaving behind the skinny, low-rise jeans and opting for a loose and baggy look with a high waist. 

Just picture it, your little one walking around wearing a hand-made tie-dye top, a pair of mom jeans, and playing with a retro Rubik’s Cube. You have to laugh at how old trends get recycled and the kiddos feel like they’re doing something fresh and new.

These popular kid trends started picking up steam in 2021 and they’re sure to catch on like wildfire in 2022. The good news is that they’re trends that you can get behind and support, sometimes you can even join in. Just remember that a couple well-placed labels can make everything better and prevent arguments and lost items.


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