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The Top 10 Funniest Parenting Tweets of 2020 (So Far)

This week we've got a fun one for you! 

Parenting can be tough. Sometimes you need to know that you're not the only one going through the struggle, and sometimes it’s good to have a laugh about it. We've compiled the top 10 funniest parenting tweets of 2020 (so far). They are so relatable it hurts. For the next few minutes, if you are not being summoned by one of your little ones, sit back, relax, and have a good laugh!

Here we go!

  1. This tweet from @divergentmama pretty much describes all of us parents when we were sheltering in place from March through May.
This tweet from @divergentmama

Yes, being spontaneous also includes deciding whether to drink out of your red or blue coffee mug in the morning.

  1. This tweet from @pork_chop_hair feels like reliving a vivid memory over and over again. Kids have zero interest in something until you want to get rid of it - and then they suddenly attach intense emotional value to this object.
This tweet from @pork_chop_hair

Name Bubbles Say No to Face Mask Mix-ups
  1. The hilarious @XplodingUnicorn tweet captures exactly what all of us wish we could do every morning. His daughter has already got life figured out, but she learned pretty fast that she’s probably going to have to take some accountability (but maybe not so quickly next time).
The hilarious @XplodingUnicorn
  1. This tweet from @survivingmommy_ couldn’t be more relatable! Not to be creepy following your partner’s location - we just need to make sure we don’t get busted for not doing our chores. 

And we wonder why our kids never do the things we ask them to do...

This tweet from @survivingmommy
  1. This tweet from @not_thenanny is super sweet (pun intended). What is there in life to love more than ice cream?! This boy must love his momma a whole lot then. We don’t blame the kiddo for putting his mom on par with this dessert.
This tweet from @not_thenanny
  1. This tweet from @mommymemejeans speaks for itself. From the multiple walks a day, to the fights, to the endless snacking, it’s just all too real. 
This tweet from @mommymemejeans
  1. This tweet by @stayathomies showcases one of the true joys of parenthood - when kids throw your own words right back in your face. How many times have you answered “I’m bored” with “use your imagination”? Probably hundreds. Here it is for us all...a taste of our own medicine.
This tweet by @stayathomies
  1. @whinecheezeits is a fun mom! You can’t deny it. She probably even let her kids vacuum the car out afterward as a bonus reward! But, if she’s the type of mom who thinks cleaning her car is fun, then she must be the type of mom who loves Name Bubbles - and for that, we love her. 

Organization and cleanliness are truly priceless! Even if it only lasts for a few hours...

  1. This tweet by @momtransparent1 just exposed us all. We were all living our best lives, thinking we were excellent citizens of humanity before we read this tweet. But, now, we realize that maybe all of the takeout we ordered was 50% being a good citizen and 50% being a lazy parent.
This tweet by @momtransparent1
  1. Last but not least, we have a tweet from @divergentmama. Is there anything left to say really?
tweet from @divergentmama

So there you have it! Our top 10 hilarious parenting tweets of 2020 (so far).

If you’ve got a funny or relatable parenting tweet, feel free to send it over to us. We would love to read it and share it with the rest of our Name Bubbles community! We’re sure you’ve got some good stories from the last couple of months. 

But, for now, we hoped you have enjoyed our top tweets and had a little laugh. Thanks for reading! We’ll catch up with you next week on The Weekly Bubble.

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