Celebrate new designs, come on!

Rob Robles


Jun 23, 20

🎵 Celebrate new designs, come on! 🎵

One of the many things we pride ourselves on at Name Bubbles is our cute label designs. Every design you see on our website is created in-house by a member of our Name Bubbles family. Each image is made with love, and often symbolizes something special to all of us.

Shoutout to our lovely designer, JoAnna, who knocked it out of the park with our latest round of new designs!

In honor of our new designs, we’re offering you 20% off each of these new labels. Simply use the code BRANDNEW at checkout. (Offer ends 6/24/2020 at 9 am)

Without further ado, we introduce you to…


New Designs - CamoUsually, camouflage is designed to help a person or item blend into their surroundings. In this case, however, our camo label is designed to make your belongings stand out!

While camo itself has been around since roughly the 18th century, it didn’t become fashionable for the everyday person until the 1960s and ’70s. As different styles tend to come and go, camo has endured, becoming a mainstay in our culture. Which is a lot like our labels - once you place them on your belongings, they stick around for a long time.

Nowadays, you’ll see camo print everywhere from the Met Gala to fashion runways, right down to children’s clothing lines. Now it’s time for your child’s belongings to embrace the style!

Our camo labels come in your choice of green, blue, gray, pink, purple, and red, and are available in the following styles:


New Designs - PandaIt’s PANDA-monium here at Name Bubbles, and we can BEARly contain our excitement! (Okay, enough with the puns).
Pandas often represent the best parts of human behavior. Adult pandas symbolize gentleness and strength, which are qualities parents often exhibit while raising their children. While panda cubs, much like our children, are curious, playful, and really, really cute!

Fun fact: Pandas spend up to 14 hours per day eating, and they spend the rest of their day sleeping. So it’s safe to say pandas are our spirit animals.
Much like the fluffy bear it’s modeled after, our Panda labels come in a black-on-white design and are available in the following style:


Llama Mia, Llama Mia!

Move over unicorn, there’s a new sheriff in town: and this sheriff is fluffy! 
Has anyone noticed the abundance of llama-themed fashion and home decor that’s flooded the market over the last year? While we’re not believers that the unicorn is going away (we think these two majestic creatures can coexist), it’s safe to say llamas are here to stay.

Here are some fun facts about llamas and why they’re so darn loveable!
  • A baby llama is called a cria (pronounced KREE-UH). Although, we’re not entirely sure if that’s what llamas actually call their young.
  • Their fur is fluffy, and spun into a soft, warm, and lightweight yarn that can be used for textiles.
  • Llamas can be used as guard animals for livestock and sheep, and require very little training.
  • Llamas don’t bite. They just spit when they’re annoyed. They’re also prone to kicking and neck-wrestling when they’re annoyed. But yeah, they don’t bite!
  • Llamas are vegetarians.
  • Llamas are very intelligent, highly trainable animals that enjoy learning. (Thus, making them all the more appropriate for parents to use these darling labels for their child’s backpack, lunchbox, pencil box, notebooks, and other school supplies.)
  • Llamas are often used as therapy animals for those under stress. In fact, Stanford University brought these beautiful creatures to their campus to decrease stress and improve wellness among their students

New Designs - Llamas







Well, we’re sold. Llamas are here to stay! 

Our new Llama design is colorful and charming, with a navy background, bright, colorful flowers, and, of course, fluffy llamas! Our Llama design is available in the following styles:

Forest Sky

News Designs - Forest SkyNot all who wander are lost; however, the same cannot be said for our belongings!

Our Forest Sky design was made for those who have a particular fondness for the beauties of nature. In the foreground, you’ll see the silhouette of a tree line. These large forest trees have likely been around for over a hundred years; thus, symbolizing endurance and immortality. The sky lurches in the background, providing overwhelming beauty.
This design is available in five different colors, with each shade representing a different form the sky assumes.
The blue resembles a clear sky night with a full moon. It sparks memories of sitting by a campfire, looking up at the sky, marveling at its vastness, and realizing how big the universe really is.
The orange simulates the sky during dusk or dawn, instantly bringing back memories of sitting on a deck or hillside, watching the sunrise or sunset, and basking in its beauty.

The gray sky symbolizes a brewing storm, all the while the sun is fighting through the overcast clouds. Even in its dark moments, the sky here gives off an intense beauty.

At the end of a stormy day, as the sun sets into the horizon, you’ll notice the sky is flush with a pink hue.

As for the green sky, the Northern Lights, one of the most beautiful phenomena you’ll ever experience.

Our Forest Sky design is available in the following style:

So what do you all think of our new designs? In case you missed it, each of our new label designs is on sale for a limited time. Use code BRANDNEW at checkout for 20% off from now until 6/26/2020 at 9am.

Thank you again for joining us! We’ll talk to you again next week on The Weekly Bubble.

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