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5 Simple Tips for Great Back-to-School Photos

Ariel Luy


Sep 07, 22

School Picture day is just around the corner, and we know that this annual event can often be the hotbed for toddler tantrums and frowning faces. While most parents view picture day as an opportunity to get updated photos of their little ones during a new school year, most kids don’t hold this day in the highest regard. That’s why today’s blog post is focused on 5 tips for great back-to-school photos that will help both you and your little ones view picture day as a breeze!

Tip #1: Plan your Kid’s Outfits The Night Before

Wardrobe malfunctions and outfit indecision are both very real and very common before an important event, and picture day is no exception. 

Spend a few minutes the night before picking out an outfit with your little one. Make sure it’s both comfortable for them to wear and also something that photographs well. Avoid graphic t-shirts, clothes with slogans or logos, or distracting patterns. Colors that are often most complimentary are camel, beige, olive, orange, gold, dark brown, and warm gray. You can also go with classic colors like white, black, and blues that always look great! 

You should also include your little one in the outfit-picking process so you’ll avoid morning meltdowns. If they’re younger and you aren’t 100% trusting of their style opinion, try asking them instead if there is a particular color they’d like to wear or if they would prefer to wear nice jeans instead of khakis. Ensure their outfit is ironed or steamed the night before so you won’t have to worry about wrinkles in the morning, and lay it out for them to get ready easily the next day. 

Tip #2: Start the Morning Routine a Few Minutes Early

No one likes to be rushed, and no one likes to start the day off stressed! To avoid both of those scenarios, give you and your kids extra time to prepare for the morning of picture day. We recommend waking up at least 15 to 20 minutes earlier, but if you’re doing a special hairstyle or have multiple kids you need to get ready, consider waking up even earlier. 

Positioning this day as a special day will help get them out of bed earlier and get excited about their own personal photoshoot! 

Tip #3: Eat Breakfast First, Change into Clothes Last

Avoid your little one’s outfits becoming messy, stained, or rumpled by serving their breakfast before they change. It won’t be a great start to picture day if a white polo gets stained with maple syrup! 

However, if your kiddos’ outfits do get stained and wrinkled before picture day, keep a stain remover stick and wrinkle spray in your car or purse for emergencies. 

We love this stain remover stick. It’s small, easy to carry, and works well! 

For wrinkle spray, these mini bottles are easy to use and come in a pack of 3 for future uses! 

Tip #4: Pick out a photo background and pose beforehand

Often during picture day, the school photographer will have a select amount of poses or backgrounds available. It can be helpful to pick out a photo background beforehand so you won’t choose an outfit that clashes with the background. 

Poses are important! The right pose is everything when capturing a flattering photo. Look over a few sample photo poses and find poses that both you and your kids like. Poses that are the most flattering are often poses that are easy to hold and look natural! 

Tip #5: Keep your kiddos feeling like themselves! 

Photos are the best when they’re natural and show off an individual’s true joyful spirit. Make sure your kid is feeling relaxed and excited to get their special picture taken! 

If they’re nervous, find a fun way to relax them and keep them smiling. For example, you could tell them: “If you’re nervous, just think of everyone as a funny animal like a platypus or penguin!” 

Part of kids feeling like themselves is choosing a hairstyle and an outfit that makes them feel comfortable and confident! Make sure when you’re following Tip #1 your kids love the outfit you chose with them. 

Overall, have fun with picture day! As long as your kids are confident and comfortable and you’re relaxed during the whole process, the day will go seamless, and the photos will look great! 

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