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Popular 2023 Kid Trends That Every Mother Will Love

Ariel Luy


Dec 05, 22

When we think back on 2022, a few key moments are tie-dyed clothing, Disney's Encanto soundtrack, and the Gen Z vs. Millennial debate on whether to rock a middle or side part.

What will be the highlights of 2023? While it is impossible to perfectly predict what will be the shining moments of the new year, here are a few kids trends that we think 2023 children and mothers will love!

Neutrals, Neutrals, and More Neutrals

According to Instagram moms, neutrals are all the rage. Whether it's their children's clothing or their home-decor style, millennial moms favor muted tones and an emphasis on brown and beige decor.

If you look at any popular shopping site like Zara Kids, H&M, or GAP, minimal basics are everywhere. Compared to other fashion trends, the trending neutral style is inexpensive to replicate, and these clothing pieces can easily be re-styled in later years with younger siblings.

A few months ago, we wrote an article on creating a capsule wardrobe that would be a great reference to a mom looking to add more basic pieces to theirs or their children's wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is primarily based around solid, classic pieces that can be dressed up or easily styled with different accessories or more interesting pieces.

For example, a white t-shirt can be worn in several ways. Whether the t-shirt is paired with a pair of black leggings or an animal print skirt, there are a million and one ways to pair a classic white tee with your closet items.

If you're looking for a mom who kills it at the neutral aesthetic, check out family influencer Milena Ciciotti. Milena is a Brazillian mom to three adorable children and documents her journey of motherhood on her Instagram and YouTube channel. She has a great fashion sense and styles herself and her family in a clean, minimalistic style.

If you're looking for neutral home inspiration, we love Jen from Jen's Gathering Nest, who shares delightful videos and photos of her cozy and modern home.

For the color-loving and maximalist mom, don't fret because we also have an Instagram account to share with you. We know the neutral trend is not for everyone, and some moms love color and decking out their homes with unique decor.

OfficialSadBeige on Instagram is a hilarious parody account that creates content teasing the neutral aesthetic. Even if you're a fan of the minimalistic beige movement, you'll crack a grin at these hilarious videos!

For our color-loving parents, you'll go ga-ga for the Home Edit's Instagram page. Many of you have probably seen their show on Netflix. Still, if you aren't familiar with Cleo and Joanna of the Home Edit, these two moms beautifully organize spaces in rainbow coordination!

Prepared to Fall in Love with Ms. Rachel

If you haven't met Ms. Rachel, be prepared to instantly become her biggest fan. A former preschool teacher turned YouTuber, Ms. Rachel is an online content creator who makes educational content for small children.

Ms. Rachel specializes in content to teach little ones to talk, learn letters, numbers, colors, and more. Her videos range from an hour to two hours long and are a great resource for moms looking for a small break in their day.

Moms on TikTok rave about the life-saving powers of Ms. Rachel. Check out this adorable baby who can't stop smiling once Ms. Rachel starts playing on the screen!

Monica J. Sutton creates online content for preschool-aged children with virtual circle time, number counting, and interactive reading. Her content is similar to Ms. Rachel's but perfect for older children who might have aged out of Ms. Rachel.

We predict both Ms. Rachel and Monica will grow in popularity in 2023! With their safe, educational, and nurturing content, these kids' content creators are two trends parents will love.

State-of-the-Art Lunches

You may know Jessica Woo as the lunch-packing mom who grew in notoriety and fame during quarantine. But in 2023, she's the kickstarter of parents everywhere creating state-of-the-art lunches and snacks for their kids.

For example, check out this insane spread created by mommy blogger and entrepreneur Amber Fillerup. She's even made seasonal spreads like these yummy fall trees!

Many parents have hoped on the train of using food cutters and fun tooth picks to accessorize their kid's lunches.

While packing a fancy lunch everyday is extremely unattainable, you can hop on this trend through using fun food cutters or sandwich toothpicks. We love this lunch kit from Amazon! With sandwich cutters, fun food molds, and adorable toothpicks, this kit makes it easy to spruce up your children's packed lunches.

Personalized Products

Personalization is IN! Everywhere you scroll online, parents are going crazy for customized kid's products.

Here are a few personalized products we think you'd love:

Name Sweaters:

  • We love to support small businesses, and we're a huge fan of these hand-embroidered name sweaters that are trending on TikTok. Little Looks by Lilly creates adorable name sweaters that your little ones will love. These sweaters would be perfect for a name-reveal or a family photo shoot!

Kid's Labels:

  • Our personalized name labels are perfect for little ones and families! Made locally in the United States, our labels are independently lab-tested and are created of non-toxic material that is waterproof, dishwasher-safe, and laundry-safe. Whether it's a sweatshirt, teddy bear, or a pair of cleats, our labels work on many surfaces and are built to last. You can even choose from a handful of adorable designs that your kids will be sure to love.

Backpacks or Duffel Bags:

  • Companies like Stoney Clover or the Tot have grown in popularity with their personalized bags! Whether its an adorable backpack or a duffel bag for sports and travel, we predict personalization will stay in trend for 2023.

Matching Sweatsuits

Now this last trend is something we can definitely get behind! We predict in 2023 that matching sweatsuits for children will be all the rage.

Matching athleisure is already a trend that is popular with adults, and we predict athleisure for children will be huge! This is great news for parents since we love it when kids' outfits are comfy AND 100% easier to put together.

For neutral fans, check out this brown tracksuit from Gap. Our friends at Miles and Milan are known for their high-quality gender-neutral basics. They're a one-stop-shop for comfy and high-quality children's athleisure.

Lastly, for our color-loving parents, we love this bright yellow tracksuit that'll brighten anyone's day or this sweet strawberry set from Lola + the Boys!

Let's See What 2023 Has in Store!

That's a wrap on the trends we predict for 2023! If we missed any trends, feel free to send them our way. If you're a fan of any of these trends, connect with us on our social media and let us know! We wish you a healthy and prosperous year!

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