Daycare Labels

Daycare Labels

Daycare Labels

The Daycare Labels Packs are a must to make sure all of your little one’s belongings, including bottles, toys, clothing, and more, return home at pick-up. From bottles to bibs and those extra changes of clothes, these laundry and dishwasher-safe baby labels for daycare are made to stick through it all.

Daycare Labels

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If you are stressed out over sending your little one off to daycare and need some peace of mind, we've got you covered with our daycare label stickers. Our child-safe daycare labels are more reliable than the rest, so you don't need to worry about any toxic materials resting on your little one's belongings or their skin. Whether this is your child's first time at daycare or third year, daycare label stickers are the perfect way to organize your child's belongings for an easy and stress-free drop-off and pick-up.

Daycare labels are perfect for your little one's water bottles, lunch boxes, snacks, toys, and more - - the possibilities are endless. Now, all of your child's important belongings will return home every day after daycare and your daycare provider will easily be able to gather all of your child's items quickly. If one of your child's toys or other items gets left behind, name labels for daycare will easily make sure their precious toy is returned to them the next day.

You will no longer need to spend more time labeling bottles for daycare every single day, again and again, to make sure they don't get mixed up with other daycare goers. Now, with our baby bottle labels for daycare, you are ready to go and can simply run them through the dishwasher for a quick wash. See our write-on labels for bottles to keep track of dates easily. All of our daycare label stickers are waterproof as well as laundry, freezer, and microwave safe! 

These Daycare Label Packs are loaded with 96 baby labels for daycare with everything from clothing labels for an extra change of clothes (or two), name labels for their blankets and must-have toys to plenty of waterproof labels for snacks and bottles. Check out our Multicolor Icon Baby Labels Pack, available in all sorts of adorable designs and colors - the perfect baby labels for daycare. You’ll love our Daycare Label Packs filled with cute prints and patterns, such as dinosaurs, rainbows, zoo labels, cupcakes, and more. Customize your children’s daycare label stickers today!


What are the best daycare labels for my child?

With the custom Daycare Labels Pack, you have the ability to create a unique set of personalized name stickers for kids going to daycare. There are many styles, colors, and font options to choose from, and these custom baby labels for daycare are perfect for tagging all of your child's daycare items. Our Daycare Labels pack includes 52 [waterproof name labels]( of different shapes, 40 circle waterproof [stick-on clothing labels](, and four waterproof [shoe labels](

What items can you use daycare labels on?

Our daycare label stickers are perfect to attach to anything headed to daycare with your child. Place our daycare labels on baby bottles, blankets, toys, snack containers, diaper bags, and extra clothing to ensure that all items return home with your little one at the end of each day.

Are daycare labels waterproof?

All of our baby labels for daycare are waterproof. Our daycare label stickers will withstand washer cycles and dryers when stuck to clothing, bibs, blankets, and more. Our baby bottle labels for daycare are completely waterproof and dishwasher safe. These dishwasher-safe name labels for daycare can also be placed on snack containers.

What patterns and prints of daycare label stickers are available?

We have a selection of adorable patterns and prints of daycare label stickers, including gingham, dinosaurs, rainbows, zoo animals, unicorns, cupcakes, and more. Choose your favorite daycare name label design from Name Bubbles. These daycare label designs are great for infants, toddlers, and young children.

What information should you personalize daycare labels with?

When creating custom daycare labels for your baby items, always be sure to include your child’s name. We also have some write-on bottle labels for daycare which can be personalized with the date, the amount of milk or formula, and the time of day to give the bottle to the baby.

Do you have reusable bottle labels for daycare?

Yes, we do have [reusable, write-on labels]( for bottles. These baby labels for daycare can be placed on bottles to note the date they were made, as well as your child’s name, and what time to feed the baby. All important information can be written on the reusable bottle labels for daycare with the included hydro pencil and then changed when you make the next day's bottle.