write-on labels

Small Baby Bottle Write-On Labels

16 Labels
write-on labels

Small Baby Bottle Write-On Labels

16 Labels
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Attention mamas: there is no longer a need to worry about daycare mix-ups! These Small Baby Bottle Write-On Labels are small enough to fit little bottles! Our small write-on labels are dateable, writable, notable, erasable, reusable, and absolutely perfect for daycare.

You can personalize baby bottle labels with your little one's name, and the rest is a canvas for your instructional needs! They allow you to write any information you need directly on the label with the included hydro pencil.

Stick the write-on label right on the bottle and write directions for your babysitter or daycare teacher-- making your life and caretaker's life a lot easier. Shop now to get your small write-on baby bottle labels!

Staying organized can be tough, especially as a parent, keep everything in order with small baby bottle labels. Each set of baby bottle labels for daycare includes 8 write-on labels and 8 custom-name baby bottle labels for the cap - - one for the lid and one for the bottle. We know how exhausting taking care of a little one can be, take some hassle out of your day and enjoy stress-free feeding with small baby bottle labels. Caregivers, family, babysitters, and daycare workers will have an easy time finding the right bottle when it comes time for lunch. Just peel and stick the small baby bottle label and your bottle is ready to go.

*Not for use on rubber or silicone surfaces. For silicone baby bottles, we suggest using our small rectangle name labels. Apply these thin name labels to the lids or top bands of silicone baby bottles.

 8 | Small Baby Bottle Write-On Labels 3" x 1.6"

 8 | Baby Bottle Cap Labels 0.9" x 0.9"

 1 | Hydro Pencil

For Best Results

  1. Apply labels to a clean, dry surface
  2. Allow labels to rest for 24 hours before their first wash
  3. Write your message
  4. Remove with a clean cloth and rewrite a new message

*Not for use on rubber or silicone surfaces

Name Bubbles labels should always be applied by an adult or with adult supervision. All Name Bubbles products are produced with non-toxic materials, and though our waterproof labels are durable and long-lasting, they are not permanent. Because our labels are designed only to be removed with intent, they may detach from fabrics or toys if subject to persistent or prolonged picking or chewing. Therefore, use caution in the product’s application to certain items handled by young children (e.g. blankets, teething rings, etc.) and ensure ongoing monitoring of adhesion to avoid choking hazard.

A little label goes a long way. This year we support Blessings in a Backpack with a $20,000 contribution. Thank you for helping us give to food-insecure kids across the United States!

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