sleepaway camp labels pack

Pom Pom

172 Labels

sleepaway camp labels pack

Pom Pom

172 Labels

Cheer on your child's camp gear with the Pom Pom Sleepaway Camp Labels Pack! These labels will ensure your child's belongings come home from overnight camp at the end of the week.

These personalized stickers work great for labeling sleeping bags, rain gear, fans, clothing, socks, water bottles, towels, shoes, sandals, bathing suites, flashlights, sunglasses toiletries and more.

The sleepaway camp pack included both stick-on and iron-on personalized labels that are waterproof, laundry safe, dishwasher safe, sunscreen proof, bug spray proof and weatherproof. With everything labeled you'll be sure your camper is ready for their big summer adventure and return home with all the items they packed. Customize your pack now!

For Best Results of Press and Stick Labels

  1. Simply peel and stick your labels to a clean, dry surface
  2. Sit for about 24 hours before their first wash.
  3. All you have to do now is sit back, relax, and let the labels do the organizing!

*Not for use on rubber or silicone surfaces

For Best Results of Iron-On Labels

  1. Heat a dry iron on cotton setting or between medium and high heat (no steam!)
  2. Place your label to a clean, dry surface with the text side up and cover label with enclosed parchment paper
  3. Press iron firmly on top of the paper for 15-20 seconds. Don’t move around!
  4. Let labels sit for about 24 hours before their first wash

Laminated Clothing Labels (For Clothing With Care Tags)

Peel and stick laminated clothing labels to the care tag of clothing!

Note: These laminated clothing labels are meant to stick on care tags, not directly to the clothing's fabric and may not stick through the laundry otherwise.

Unlaminated Clothing Labels (For Tagless Clothing)

Peel and stick this flexible label to the clothing’s brand stamp!

Note: These unlaminated labels are meant to stick to the clothing’s brand stamp or imprint and not guaranteed to stick if placed directly on the fabric of clothing.

36 | Small Rectangle Labels 1.8" x 0.5"

 8 | Rectangle Labels 2.8" x 0.7"

 4 | Square Contact Labels 1.5" x 1.5"

 8 | Shoe Labels 0.8" x 1.6"

84 | Circle Clothing Labels 0.7"

 6 | Circle Iron-On Clothing Labels 1"

 6 | Square Iron-On Clothing Labels 1"

20 | Slim Rectangle Iron-On Clothing Labels 1.8" x 0.3"

dishwasher safe

includes iron ons

microwave safe


Customize Pom Pom 172 Labels / $52.98 USD


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