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Supporting Women In Need

JoAnna Schwartz


Jan 21, 22

When your business depends on families, you want to give back to families in need. Name Bubbles will be donating a minimum of $10,000 for the first quarter of 2022 to support Women In Need. With $1 of all clothing labels purchased going to the organization, we hope to add significant benefit to this charity, and – more importantly – to families in crisis. 

What is WIN

Women In Need (WIN) provides safe housing and critical services to help homeless women and their children rebuild their lives and break the cycle of homelessness. Responding to a need, in 1983, WIN and the Church of St. Mary the Virgin in Midtown Manhattan joined together to create an emergency residence for four homeless women and their combined six children. The program took off, and due to many generous donators, more homes were built, and women and their children found a way out of homelessness.

How WIN Helps

It quickly became evident that more help was necessary to break the homelessness cycle for these family units. Programs and services were necessary for long-term housing stability. WIN developed a mission that incorporated the idea of transforming lives, which meant helping them find the tools they needed to succeed on their own.

While WIN houses 4,700 people each night, with more than half of them being children, they also offer their clients childcare, education, life skills, and income building. Providing shelter for the night is one thing, and it’s essential, but an even more critical component is giving people the skills and the support they need to find employment, manage an income, balance their schedules and their child’s, and be their own advocates, empowered to get more out of life.

Name Bubbles Supports WIN

Name Bubbles began as a way to help other parents stay organized. An upstate New York business initially, the company grew but, being parents themselves, they always stayed in touch with the needs of other parents. When WIN came on the radar, it quickly was seen as a cause that Name Bubbles wanted to support.

Why Giving Matters

Name Bubbles and all of the faces behind the brand firmly believe that giving matters, for many different reasons.

Supporting the community around you and the causes that matter to you is vitally important. Did you know that by giving to charities you’re also doing a lot for yourself? It’s truly a win/win. Neuroscience is behind this all the way, consistently proving that charitable giving has a lasting positive impact on your mood. Your brain activity changes when you donate, which means that the human brain is wired to give. But there’s more… 

Here’s a quick list of reasons why charitable giving is good for you:

  •         Activates dopamine and endorphins in the brain for happy feelings
  •         Improves life satisfaction
  •         Reduces rates of stress, anxiety, and depression
  •         Can improve cognition in older adults
  •         Increases self-esteem

And here’s a quick list of why charitable giving is important to others:

  •         Improves local communities
  •         Restores a feeling of value to individuals
  •         Supplies options that didn’t exist before
  •         Fills in where government programs cannot
  •         Can literally save a life
How Name Bubbles Can Help Your Organization

Giving is such a core part of who we are at Name Bubbles that you can even fundraise with us. Virtual fundraising is made easy so that you can raise money for schools, preschools, camps, and sports teams. Fundraising with Name Bubbles gives you a product to sell that people actually want to buy, and it’s unique, so there won’t be a lot of duplicate sales out there. We’ll even help your organization succeed by providing you with the marketing tools you need for Facebook and Instagram, email campaigns, and other tips and materials for boosting sales and supporting your cause.

Your Purchase Helps WIN

But for us it all comes back to helping families, and we believe in WIN. That’s why, for every purchase you make, we’re donating $1 through March of 2022 to WIN. While our clothing tags help you keep track of your child’s gear, favorite sweatshirt, sportswear, tennis shoes, and more, you’re helping another family find a way to escape the cycle of homelessness.

Make a difference in the lives of others, support the causes you believe in, and make your purchases count toward the greater good. Together, we can change the world.

JoAnna Schwartz

I’m the Vice President here at Name Bubbles and have had a chance to work in many different areas of the company since I joined in late 2011. I graduated from SUNY Oneonta with a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Studio Arts in 2010. I naturally...

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