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A Heart Filled Mother's Day Gift

Unfortunately, many of us may be staying at home or may not be able to visit our moms for Mother's Day this year. Because of this, it's imperative to work with your kids in creating a little bit of happiness and spreading it to the wonderful women in your life in any way you can.

If you want to send a homemade gift or card to those special ladies in your family, you will need to plan and think about what will travel well in the mail. Of course, the internet is loaded with fun, easy, and creative craft ideas to do with your children. Personally speaking, gifts from the heart always find a special place in our home - I call them my little treasures.

I found a few gift ideas you may want to consider working on with your kids. Creative activities will spawn memories for years to come, especially if they see them in the garden, yard, or in your home. 

Lady Bug Garden Rocks – Crafts by Amanda Lady Bug Garden Rocks – Crafts by Amanda

What can be better than a happy family of colorful ladybugs in your flowerbed? This is one of my favorites! I know my mom will like to see these little cuties in her garden while she's enjoying her morning coffee. 

Ladybugs are very popular! These little creatures are known for bringing good tidings and luck to those they pass by. Our ladybug icon here at Name Bubbles has been a fan favorite in our daycare labels for years. 

Crafting this gift is very simple! Select bright and cheerful patio paint colors your children will like and begin your painting project. Crafts by Amanda's blog provides you with a helpful video for further instruction.  

A Stained Glass Window – By Pink Stripey Socks A Stained Glass Window – By Pink Stripey Socks

It's that time of year when the sun shines bright through the windows, and colorful spring flowers are blooming! 

Don't be intimidated. A list of supplies is provided through the blog post, and the directions are very easy to follow. Everyone will love making their custom gift of color and light. Be sure to remind your kids that bold, beautiful colors in their projects will look wonderful.

Paper Beaded Necklace – Sowdering About in Seattle Paper Beaded Necklace – Sowdering About in Seattle

A pretty paper beaded necklace is a significant upgrade from the macaroni necklaces of my childhood. This paper bling would be proudly worn during our Mother's Day brunch. For moms and grandmas who love to wear their handmade presents, this jewelry is a treat that's sure to receive many compliments. 

The best part of crafting this gift is that there's a wonderful kit offered online with everything you need to make this project happen!
Something else to consider here: rolled paper art (also known as Quilling) is a lovely hobby. It's super simple, and you only need a few materials and tools to get started. If your children enjoy this project, you may want to introduce them to some online Quilling classes.  

Tin Can Windsocks – Happiness Is Homemade Tin Can Windsocks – Happiness Is Homemade

It's that time of year where our flags and windsocks emerge from their hibernation. So why not add a little fine art to the porch with a homemade tin can windsock?

This simple project is great for kids of all ages. Feel free to modify the painted cans in favor of stickers, glitter, or colorful scraps of paper - use your imagination!

The colorful ribbons will show off the creativity of the artist, and be sure to place a personalized name label in the can so the recipient will always remember who gave them such a beautiful gift.  

A Coffee Card – I Heart Crafty Things A Coffee Card – I Heart Crafty Things

For those moms and grandmas missing their favorite café or local coffee shop, remind them that they make life beautiful and that we will return to a new normal one day.

Perhaps this project was meant for me. I'm missing sitting in a coffee shop with my mom and talking about the most important things of the day. If you are like us, this project has a template to make things easy, and feel free to add some of your creative changes. 

We're wishing all of our moms, sisters, aunts, and grandmothers a very warm and special Mother's Day.

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