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Gifting for Husbands and Fathers

Rob Robles


Mar 31, 20

In case you missed it, Father’s Day is around the corner.

Gifting for dads and husbands can be tedious! (Seriously, how many ties does he actually need?!) If you’re having trouble finding a present for the men in your lives, we suggest the wonderful gift of organization.

Many of you already come to Name Bubbles for help keeping your children’s belongings organized; but we, as adults, could do ourselves a similar favor in our own lives.

Here at Name Bubbles, we don’t just sell kids labels - we sell labels for everyday life.

A great example is my husband and his collection of tools in our garage. Some of the tools belong to him, while others belong to a combination of friends and neighbors. The problem is, and I’m sure many of you reading this have experienced the same thing, we don’t always remember which tool belongs to us!

“Where’s our socket wrench? Did you lend it out to someone?” Or, “Johnny from next door is asking for his hedge clippers back - but I thought those were ours?”

Labeling your tools with your loved one’s name will let you and your friends know which tools belong to him, and which of those belong to someone else. And if someone else finds a tool in their garage with your husband’s name on it, it stands a better chance to find its way home.

We recommend our Name Labels pack for this scenario. A standard labels pack comes with your choice of 52 laminated or unlaminated labels. Customization is easy, and our long-lasting design will make sure these labels stay on no matter how often you use your tool.

Labeling is also vital for those husbands or fathers that have a tendency to leave important belongings behind.

Gifting for Husbands and Fathers This Father’s Day

Ladies, how often does your husband feel the need to buy a new golf club because he accidentally left an old club behind on a hole? These left-over golf clubs often end up gathering dust in a pro shop’s lost-and-found; or worse, lent out to visiting customers for use at their driving range.

In this scenario, we recommend our Stacked Contact Labels pack. Our contact labels are as low as $18, which is far less than paying for new clubs. 😉 Customize a label template with your loved one’s name and phone number, and those strangers who find his golf club laying in the grass will be able contact your husband/father and get it back to him.

Other common instances for labeling include, but are not limited to: 

  • Gym Clothes: Clothing Labels
  • Hats, gloves, scarves: Iron-On Clothing Labels
  • Food containers: Write-On Labels
  • Ski-boots: Shoe Labels
  • Water Bottles: Name Labels
  • And so much more!

  • Here at Name Bubbles, we don’t just sell labels - we sell a proactive approach to staying organized. What we do in one moment benefits us greatly in the next moment - and every little bit counts.

    When you give someone labels, you’re giving them a pathway to a more efficient lifestyle. Something your loved one will appreciate greatly the next time they get a call from a friend saying, “Hey, I think you left this behind at the park.”

    Let’s help each be proactive. 🙂

    Thanks again for joining us. We’ll talk to you next week on The Weekly Bubble.

    Rob Robles

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