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Our Top 5 Social Distancing Ideas To Wrap Up The Holiday Season

This year, more than in past years, we may need to get a little creative to keep our holiday spirits high. We’ve come up with a list of our top 5 ideas to keep Christmas and Hanukkah as warm and personal as possible. We hope our holly jolly list will keep everyone safe and create some fun for you and your family this holiday season and possibly in the years to come. You never know what is going to become your new favorite tradition!

Holiday Light Parade 

I don't know about you, but it seems like people in our neck of the woods are going extra when it comes to holiday decorations this year. We are all for this, by the way! 

This first activity will require a little research of light displays in your neighborhood or community ahead of your event. This will be a fun scavenger hunt for you and your kiddos, and you can create awards or fan favorites of the different homes ahead of the big night.

  1. Create a map of the best holiday houses in your neighborhood or town. 
  2. Send an email or text message invitation to your family and friends, instructing them to meet in front of your house (in their cars, of course) at a designated time. 
  3. Have your party download the House Party app ahead of the event. House Party is like Facetime, but you can include up to 8 different devices at one time. 
  4. Find a great station that plays holiday music or set up your own playlist on one of the many music streaming platforms. 
  5. Once everyone has arrived in their cars, initiate the House Party call and begin your parade. It's an excellent way for kids and parents to celebrate and connect while keeping everyone safe in their vehicles. 

Honestly, I wish I thought of this years ago! Who knows, this may become a new tradition in years to come.  

Holiday lights

Family Slumber Party with Jackbox Party Pack 

Who doesn't love a good old fashioned slumber party?! Grab the pillows and sleeping bags and camp out in your living room. A living room camp out slumber party is a spontaneous break from the norm!

Jackbox screengrab

One of our favorite slumber party traditions is playing games with your friends. For some, I imagine playing games with the same people can get a bit stale. Spice things up and turn this into a virtual slumber party with your friends and extended family!

The Jackbox Party Pack has been a godsend to our virtual social lives this year. It's a platform where you and up to ten friends (depending on the game) can participate in simple, unique, and fun virtual games. Each game lasts no more than 15 minutes, and the software can run on many different devices and operating systems.

Bundles are as low as $10 on the JackBox Party Pack website. However, only the host will need to have purchased the bundle. Guests play for free. 😊

  1. Schedule a time that works with your family, extended family, or friends.
  2. Select a game that you think your guests will enjoy. (We're BIG FANS of Quiplash 😉)
  3. Set up your Jackbox room with a code and text that code to everyone who will be playing.
  4. Set up a Zoom Call or House Party so that you can enjoy the festivities together.
  5. Have fun!

JackBox is destined to become a mainstay on family game nights beyond 2020.

A Last-Minute Secret Santa With Elfster

Elfster Do you have family and friends located across the country? Does your office want to do a remote holiday party and Secret Santa gift? Become an honorary elf and organize the gift-giving through

Elfster does the Secret Santa part, so everyone gets to be involved in the surprise - even you! All you need to do is give them the names and email addresses of everyone participating, and they will send an email to each person to coordinate. 

Even better, Elfster allows participants to create wish lists for easy shopping and gives everyone the proper dollar amount to stay within. 

The last step is setting up a Zoom meeting, warming up some hot cocoa, and unwrapping the gifts! 

Let’s Get Sneaky! Decorate A Family Member’s Front Lawn

Buddy the elf

Many of us have experienced or seen a surprise flock of flamingos in the neighborhood. Well, this is the year to have a little fun with some holiday-themed lawn decorations. 

You may want to swing by a big box store and grab a giant Santa Claus or Menorah to surprise a loved one - just be sure to think through the electricity.

Oriental Trading provides another fun option, as they allow you to select a giant cut out of a character from a holiday movie. Place buddy the elf on the porch to surprise your friends when they open the door.

Or spell out a custom message for someone special, or a giant 'Merry Christmas' lawn sign from the team at Vispronet. Have fun with it!

Family Stocking Fill-Up

Name Bubbles’ Holiday Pack

Christmas can be expensive, especially for large families who want to do gift exchanges with everyone. Keep it simple this year and years to come by having the extended family send stocking stuffers to beloved cousins, nieces, and nephews. These can include a favorite nail polish, crossword puzzles, toy cars, or our favorite - the Name Bubbles’ Holiday Pack.

The Holiday Labels Pack is the best value offered by Name Bubbles, with 31 personalized labels in four unique shapes and sizes. Each label sticker is waterproof, dishwasher safe, and freezer safe. The laundry safe clothing labels are smaller and designed to work on a clothing care tag.

Each custom label set is under $15 dollars and are a gift for those who want to make sure new toys and clothes continue to find their way home. 

This limited-time offer is available this December and will disappear this year on 12/18. And if you want to gift these to yourself, we completely understand. 😊

Thank you again for joining us on The Weekly Bubble. We wish you and your loved ones a safe and happy holiday season!

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