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Reasons Why Labels Make a Great Christmas Gift

JoAnna Schwartz


Nov 22, 21

Whether you’re trying to find a gift for that impossible person on your list or you’re reaching for the dream of making your holidays less stressful, we’ve got the perfect gift idea for everyone on your list. Labels!

Customized labels are the ultimate gift of organization for everyone. Labeling personal belongings and stuff doesn’t just help someone stay or get organized, it identifies items as theirs. And we think our labels are super adorable. 

Why Labels Are the Best Gift

Let’s take a deeper look at why labels should be on your Christmas gift list this year. If you’re lucky – you won’t just be giving them, but you’ll be getting some too. 

  • Labels protect belongings. When someone’s things are labeled, there’s less chance of them losing those items or if they do lose them, there’s a good chance they’ll find their way home.
  • Organization. Our write-on labels are great for adults who need to label their stuff to stay organized. The best part is you can erase what you wrote and change it when you need to.
  • Personalized. Everybody likes to see their names on something, it creates an instant sense of ownership and belonging.
  • Fun. Stickers are fun, most of our labels are stickers so there’s that child-like playfulness about them.
  • Trendy. Labeling has become a big trend in home décor. Just look at all of the chalkboard crafts and labels you see. Our labels are more colorful, less messy, and permanent. 
  • An Extra. A small gift becomes customized and special when labels are added to make it personal. This is just the heartwarming touch you need to have the standout gift at a holiday party.
  • Useful. In a world of “too much stuff” gifting something that has a lot of value and use is always welcome. Labels don’t take up extra space, they don’t add clutter, in fact they can help cut down on clutter and that’s something every appreciates. 

Who To Give Labels To

Who needs labels? Just about everyone can use them in some way, but here are some ideas to get you started.

  • New parents. In the beginning, new parents have no idea how much stuff they’re going to lose, how many times they’ll dig through a germy lost and found, the number of times they’ll wind up with someone else’s gear and vice versa. You can help them overcome all of this with customized labels.
  • Your parents/grandparents. As people age it becomes harder to see stuff and finding things at a glance isn’t as easy as it used to be. Also, you can get a little forgetful. Having a value pack of labels provides options for labeling everything. This keeps people on their toes and easily identified labels help with instant identification. 
  • Kids. Why should the parents get all the fun? Little ones love the idea of owning stuff and having things that belong to them. Giving them personalized labels lets them claim their gear, which makes them less likely to lose stuff. Also, putting labels on stuff is exciting. Psst – don’t forget your big kids. They have expensive electronics that could probably use some labeling. It’s your subtle way of looking out for them without them realizing it.
  • Teachers. The kids are doing it, why can’t the teachers. Labels are the ultimate organization tool and so beneficial in the classroom. Teachers simply can’t get enough of them, and our labels are built to last (even through the dishwasher and washing machine) so they won’t need to keep replacing them.
  • College students. Whether they’re living in the dorms or in a group situation off-campus, college students have a lot of personal and typically expensive items that they can’t afford to replace. Labels make sure those items find their way back to the right owner. Write-on labels can also help them keep their study supplies organized. 
  • Sports enthusiasts. Golf club labels, skiing labels, fitness and workout equipment labels, waterproof paddleboard labels – we’ve got it all. Our contact labels are designed for all sorts of situations, including sports! Gear is important, no matter what your activity is, and it can be expensive. Labels help people who are too busy thinking about the game keep track of their stuff and collect it at the end of the day.
  • Campers. Camping, van life, and travel are the hottest trends with more people looking to explore the world around them. Doing this successfully means having less things, more multi-purpose items, and being very organized. We have just the thing – camp labels! They not only identify what stuff is yours, but they can be used to label everything that’s tucked away, so finding the right thing doesn’t require ripping the van or tent apart.

At Name Bubbles, we put a lot of research into creating our products so they stand the test of time, always look fantastic, feature popular styles, and are as useful and easy to use as possible. They’re wonderful gifts because they show that you care and they’re very thoughtful. The best part – they’re an easy gift to get for everyone. 

Head over to our website and start picking out labels for everyone on your gift list. Before you know it, you’ll have done all your shopping and you can sit back and enjoy those Hallmark holiday movies.


JoAnna Schwartz

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